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DIPLOMATICAR Rental Car with Driver Rome

Car rental with driver Diplomaticar
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The DIPLOMATICAR Rental Car with Driver of Pinardi Luciano is a company founded in 2007, but the owner was from a twenty-year activity carried out at a large cooperative in Rome where he was able to train professionally in the sector. It has many customers but not for this has lost the desire to find new ones, this is the reason why it always seeks new solutions to make it more visible on the internet, social networks and other channels. The primary objective is always that of full customer satisfaction for AVAILABILITY, COURTESY and PUNCTUALITY.
BROKERAGE TOURIST SERVICES of Matthew Alessandro de Bellis, based in the United States, known for its advice to various American travel agencies, has entered into a collaboration agreement with DIPLOMATICAR, creating a project that will allow overseas customers to have a direct contact in your country. Find the best solutions for trips to Rome and give customers the opportunity to choose and create what they want for the transfer, the stay and if required the Tour or the trip to other Italian locations.
The DIPLOMATICAR and the BROKERAGE TOURIST SERVICES thank all the colleagues who work together for the success of all these premises and thank all present and future customers.

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